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United Food Services

United Food Services is one of the fastest growing international food suppliers in the southeast states in United States. We are passionate in our business that all our foods are guaranteed fresh on arrival. We are currently supplying fresh food to our variety of customers that range from Chinese to American restaurantsin eight states.

We take pride in our product and we promise "BEST SERVICE, BEST QUALITY and the most important, BEST PRICE!".


In United Food Services, we provide different products to our restaurant and supermarket customers across the nation. We have a diverse clientele across the East Coast. You will surely find the products that are right for your business regardless of your industry. We pride ourself as the center hub of grocery stores and we relentlessly try to reach more customer every day.


UFS online store allows you to order even when out of business hour. We are continuing to improve our eCommerce experience and bringing the true 24/7 ordering experience for our customers' needs.


UFS carries many products from restaurant utensils, can products, fresh vegetables, meats, fruits, and seafood. Our range of selections is what makes us a truly unique food supplier. You will be able to find anything from food to cleaning supplies that you need inside your business. Our office tirelessly reaches out and extend our selections so that our customers can find what they need.

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